The Roastery

We live and breathe coffee at Machina Espresso. Since our inception, we have worked with a goal in mind of roasting our own coffee. In August 2016, we realised that goal, setting up our in-house roastery in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The team

To add to the knowledge and expertise of Machina founder, Steve Glencross, we brought on board coffee roaster Mark Williamson (previously of The BARN - Berlin and Brew Lab, Edinburgh) and quality assurance expert, Emiliya Yordanova (previously of Brew Lab, Edinburgh), to create espresso and filter coffees of the highest quality.

The coffee

Sourcing green beans from some of the best coffee importers from around the world, we carefully select beans based on their flavour and quality, ensuring that the beans are both sustainably grown and have a traceable origin.


Primarily roasting for our two cafes in Edinburgh, we’ve ensured a constant feedback loop between our cafes and the roastery. Our experienced baristas track the quality of our coffees on a daily basis, feeding back specific information on how each batch of coffee is performing. This allows us to create a constant push for higher quality coffees, adjusting and fine tuning our roasting to create a consistently better cup of coffee for all of our customers.

In addition to roasting for our own cafes, we also provide both wholesale and retail coffee beans to a number of cafes in the UK and Europe (worldwide shipping available). Being a craft roasting operation, batches are kept small to not only guarantee quality but to also provide a level of exclusivity to our customers.

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Where to find our coffees

We're currently serving up our coffees in our two Edinburgh cafes, with both espresso and filter coffees available. If you're looking for coffees for home-use, we also stock our range of coffee beans for sale in 250g bags.

80 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9EW

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2 Brougham Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9HW

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Wholesale service and support

Our wholesale coffee customers receive:

  • Expert advice
  • Equipment discounts
  • Espresso and filter coffee training
  • An introduction to coffee sensory skills to enhance their knowledge of speciality grade coffee

We go to extra lengths to give you the support and knowledge you need to serve outstanding coffee - to impress your customers, not just for the first month, but for the long term.


If you’re in the UK and order 5 kilograms or more, we’ll ship the coffee to you for free. We can ship anywhere in the world, with great rates provided via our equipment shipping network.  



Need more information?

Whether you are looking to purchase a single bag of retail coffee for home brewing or a large wholesale shipment, we'd love to hear from you.

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