BWT: Bestmax - Premium XL Filter


BWT bestmax PREMIUM with its AromaPLUS formula is an innovative filtration system for water optimisation in the food service sector.

A ground-breaking innovation, BWT bestmax PREMIUM adds minerals to the water using the flavour carrier Mg2+ to achieve the full taste of coffee, tea or cocoa. Mg2+-enriched water can be enjoyed on its own, as it is particle-free and odourless, and its balanced mineral content makes it a pleasant-tasting drink.

BWT’s bestmax PREMIUM filter balances the minerals in the water, buffers the pH value and produces a firm espresso crema.

Benefits of BWT bestmax PREMIUM at a glance:

  • PREMIUM taste filtration system for water optimisation in the food service sector
  • Reliable limescale protection and high sensory water quality
  • Balanced mineral content thanks to patented Mg2+ technology
  • 5-stage filtration for maximum effectiveness
  • Perfect water for all hot drinks and a pleasant-tasting cold drink

This size of cartridge will suit a coffee shop producing >500 coffees a day.

Please note: all our filtration products are classed as trade orders and are shipped in 1-3 days, depending on the number of orders currently being processed. If you require this product immediately, please call to order over the phone and state your required delivery day.

  • Features:

    • Weight: 5 kg
    • Capacity: 2785 L
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Category: BWT Cartridges

Type: Filtration

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