Burundi - Masha (Washed) - Filter


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This is our second washed coffee from Burundi called Masha. It's another example of a very refined and complex coffee that shines as a filter. The profile on this coffee is much brighter than that of the Kibingo, with bright grapefruit and orange notes that offer lots of zing in the cup!

Burundi has a reputation for only producing harsh, vegetal coffees but every year there are more and more exception to this stereotype. This coffee from the Masha Central Washing station is a great example of that - gentle florals and bold fruit flavours make this coffee stand out.

The tasting notes we have attached to this coffee are: red grapefruit, citrus, candied orange and vibrant.
If you're looking for a big bold and zesty filter, this coffee is for you.  Ideally suited to Chemex, Aeropress & Kalita.

  • Farms:  Masha
  • Location: Gihororo, Gatara Commune, Kayanza province 
  • Varietals: Red bourbon
  • Process: Washed (dried on raised beds)
  • Elevation: 1672 masl
  • Weight: 250g
Roasted within 4 days of purchase, with a shelf life of 4 weeks (optimum serving point of 10-36 days).
Buy up to 4 bags of retail coffee and shipping will be fixed at £3.50.

Interested in wholesale? Get in touch on roastery@machina-espresso.co.uk

Background info:

Masha is one of Greenco’s 13 coffee washing stations. It is perhaps one of the most known washing stations in Burundi. Masha has a reputation for consistently producing top quality coffees with complex fruit profiles. Masha has 3469 registered coffee producers, each has 290 trees on average.
Kayanza is one of Burundi’s regions with the best coffee growing reputation. Coffee farms lie in the highlands, where soils are rich and volcanic. But optimal growing conditions alone aren’t enough to produce a high-quality coffee. To achieve a top coffee, a skilled and dedicated washing station manager is essential. They oversee the implementation of good economic practice and farmer education, and collaborate with the producers to ensure they have access to the necessary tools. They also help farmers determine and implement the practices best suited to the specific growing conditions of their plantations.
Greenco is a company that oversees and structures washing stations in Kayanza province of Burundi. It gives the washing stations and producers support all along the production chain. They started their work in 2015, and immediately ended up with eleven winning lots in that year’s Cup of Excellence. Currently, Greenco has 13 washing stations all located in Kayanza in the north of Burundi. Greenco’s overall impact through these 13 CWS extends to over 40’000 coffee producing households. The producers receive support from the Greenco CWS managers, who are all young engineers in agronomy.

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