Motta: Tulip Milk Pitcher - Blue (500ml)



Metallurgica Motta has been producing high-grade stainless steel products in Italy since 1967.  Their professional Europa milk pitchers are a unique & functional design, used by baristas around the world.

This is the Tulip Hybrid - Motta's twist on the classic milk jug design. The spout is the same as the classic, but the build is better quality, the handle is the same as the Europa and the bottom is bell shaped. This version comes in 500ml blue teflon, the rough equivalent of a 20oz classic.

  • Features:

    • Capacity: 500ml / 20oz
    • Weight: 265g
    • Height: 11.5cm
    • Diameter: 13cm
    • Colour: Blue
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Category: Motta

Type: Barista Kit

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