Pallo: Grindminder Cleaning Brush


The Pallo Grindminder is a great little tool for keeping both your grinder and grinder area clean and tidy.  The pointed end which is made of food safe bristles, is aimed at grinder cleaning; great for accessing all those annoying nooks and crannies that coffee grid gets caught in. 

The other end, made of stiff nylon bristles, is a handy brush designed to quickly clean up around your grinder area; keeping it neat, tidy and coffee grind free.

It has a hanger hole allowing you to store it away, plus it’s detachable in the middle, with the two sections screwing together around the middle.  We love the Grindminder.

  • Features:

    • Height: 280mm
    • Weight: 70g
    • Colour: Black
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Category: Pallo

Type: Barista Kit

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