Puly Caff: Grouphead Cleaner - 370g

Puly Caff grouphead cleaner is heavy duty, fast dissolving cleaning powder used for back flushing the groupheads on coffee machines, and soaking accessories such as group-heads and baskets etc.  It’s designed to remove the build up of residue such as oils and coffee grind within your equipment.  How it differs from many other brands, is Puly Caff actually foams on impact with water, so it gets into all those hard to reach spots other products might miss.

To back flush your machine, place a dose of Puly Caff group head cleaner in a blind or blank filter basket and then run your machine for 10-20 seconds, depending on your brand, model and design.   Foam will appear from the waste or disposal pipe when stopping the process.  Repeat this process until the water coming out is clear, then run a number of back flushes without Puly Caff to ensure that all the cleaning product has been removed form the pipes and grouphead.  This process should be carried out a minimum of once, but ideally twice a week.

To clean your machine parts, mix some Puly Caff with warm water and soak for around an hour.  This removes any residue such as oils and grind from your equipment.  Ensure that you clean all parts with clean water thoroughly before using.

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    • Volume: 370g
    • Weight: 418g
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Category: Puly Caff

Type: Barista Kit

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